OHLER has supplied and installed two 1,900 KVA diesel gensets in an ISO 40-ft steel container . This incorporates a fuel system for Tier 3 data centre. A KOHLER spokesman comments: "This project reflects our excellence and professionalism in providing cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions for the data centre solutions."

The T1900 1900kVA KOHLER generating set is equipped with a Mitsubishi engine. The generator set, its components and a wide range of options have been fully developed, prototype-tested, factory built, and production-tested

The generator sets are designed in accordance with ISO8528 and approved for use with HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) according to EN15940.

Each generator offers high reliability enhanced through a simple design for optimal functional performances; its high performances turbochargers providing high engine performances under all

loads. Each set offers easy operation and maintenance: accessories requiring daily maintenance thanks to components conveniently located on the same side of the engine.

The set's alternator provides industry-leading motor starting capability, plus Aan excitation system to permit sustained overcurrent >300% In, during 10 sec. It is built with a class H insulation and IP23. Cooling is provided via a compact and complete solution using a mechanical or an electrical radiator fan (depending of genset type). A high temperature and altitude product capacity is available. The control panel - provided by KOHLER from a wide controller range gives operators the

reliability and performances you expect from your equipment, says the company. You can program, manage and diagnose it easily and in an efficient way.

Increasingly, cloud-based service providers in North Africa are now looking to be closer to population centres like Cairo, which will enable them to deliver more sophisticated services in a more timely manner and reduce transit costs. Further, as Guy Willner, CEO of data centre operator IXcellerate notes, adoption of data sovereignty in countries such as Egypt and Morocco means that more new data centres will need to be built in these places.

With a population of 1.3 billion people, the African continent has over recent years provided an opportunity for the rapid and accelerating deployment of technology into a young and dynamic populace. Africa currently accounts for less than 1% of total available global data centre capacity, according to Xalam Analytics, despite being home to approximately 17% of the world’s population. However, with the continent’s urban population set to grow by 60% by 2050, characterised by an increasing technology talent pool and an emerging middle class, the demand for data centres is set to increase.

From a supply standpoint, the southern African region continues to be the most well served, accounting for 54% of data centre space across Africa. But with at least half of Africa’s growing population expected to have internet access by 2030, according to GSMA, and legislation encouraging data localisation, the potential for data centres in North Africa is set to continue growing exponentially.

Jun 13, 2023
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