KSA USA has provided three 400 kW Natural Gas Synchronous Generator solutions to gas a company in Houston, Texas.

"We offer high power and complete reliability. We also provide power with generator solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of enterprises across various scales," confirmed a company spokesman.

The diesel AC 500 genset is an AKSA power generation system, providing optimum performance, and reliability, for stationary standby, prime power, and continuous duty applications. All generator sets are factory build, and production tested. The control system is from DSE. The engine is a CUMMINS - QSX15-G6.

Providing uncompromising power and efficiency in a compact package, the QSX15-Series is the first heavy-duty diesel engine with 24-valve dual overhead camshaft technology. Using 30% fewer parts than comparable diesels, it has been engineered to eliminate external lube, coolant and fuel lines for higher reliability at high power output.

Ideally suited to both open and enclosed applications in static or portable equipment, it can be matched to meet the specific duty cycle and operating conditions of any generator set.

Features & Benefits:

-Holset HX82 Turbocharging - Wastegated design optimizes operation across the torque curve with improved response.

-Integrated Block Design - Integrated fluid circuits replace hoses and eliminate potential leaks.

-High-Pressure Fuel Injection - Capable of over 1,900 bar (28,000 psi) for cleaner, more fuel-efficient combustion.

-24-Valve Cylinder Head Four valves per cylinder for increased power with faster response at every rpm.

-Coolpac Integrated Design - Products are supplied complete with cooling package and air cleaner kit for a complete power package. Each component has been specifically developed and rigorously tested for G-Drive products, ensuring high performance, durability and reliability. AKSA is a leader of generator sets market in Turkey and is among Turkey’s largest two hundred industrial companies and exporters.

Jun 15, 2024
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