ARAMOUNT POWER SYSTEMS has supplied a Long-term Care Facility (LTCF): Facilities providing a spectrum of medical and non-medical supports and services to frail or older adults unable to reside independently in the community. Paramount Power says it has now completed the commissioning for these 3x 1000kW T4 compliant paralleled generators for a large LTCF in Mississauga. All the generators were designed, built and tested by Paramount Power Systems. The gensets feature an automatic transfer switch (ATS) - this is a component which allows a power system to ‚Äúsense‚ÄĚ when commercial power fails, will start the generators and switch to emergency power sources automatically.¬†

¬†¬†Having a well-maintained automatic transfer switch (ATS) is as critical as having a well-maintained generator, says Paramount. A critical factor is maintaining a ‚Äúhands-free‚ÄĚ automated system to help ensure the safety of facilities personnel and community.

 A spokesman commented:

"Paramount Power provides a comprehensive scheduled maintenance program consisting of monthly, quarterly, and annual inspections. This program is custom tailored to your individual needs to ensure rapid and trustworthy response of our clients' systems at the most critical times of need.
¬†¬†"We provide emergency field service, fuel, oil, coolant & DEF testing, fuel polishing, fuel tank cleaning, switchgear repair, and LP gas systems repair. Additional services available are emergency standby power, triple shift rentals for continuous power, event rentals and power distribution cabling, panels, automatic transfer switches (ATS) rentals, delivery & pick up, event evaluation, and set up. Paramount Power designs, supplies, and installs complete emergency power systems based on your facility's electrical load demands. This provides a total automatic power solution and allows you to have the critical ‚ÄúUP Time‚ÄĚ you require, as well as peace of mind."
Oct 16, 2023
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