1MW biogas-fuelled Jenbacher 320 gas turbine been installed and commissioned in Khlong Khlung district, Kamphaeng Phet province, Thailand, to power a key tapioca starch factory, reports the installer SOUER.  Aside from their basic nutritional uses, starches manufactured here are used in brewing and as thickening agents in baked goods and confections. Starch is used in paper manufacturing to increase the strength of paper and is also used in the surface sizing of paper.

The genset is the 4th such unit in operation for this power plant. Based on Innio's proven Type 3 platform established in 1988 and continuously developed ever since, the next generation Jenbacher Type 3F engine offers proven robustness and reliability while delivering more efficiency than ever, reports the company.

The Jenbacher Type 3  offers long service intervals, maintenance-friendly engine design and low fuel consumption ensure maximum efficiency in the type 3 Jenbacher engines. Enhanced components prolong  service life even when using non-pipeline gases, such as  landfill gas. According to INNIO type 3 engines offer an outstanding service interval with up to 80,000 operating hours until the major  overhaul. This engine type stands out in its 400 to 1,100 kW power range due to its technical maturity and high degree of reliability.

Jenbacher Type 3 proven - reliable - flexible ~11,000 Type 3 engines were delivered since 1988.

  Based in Phitsanulok, Thailand and in business for over 30 years, Souer Co Ltd specializes in the supply, service and support of gas & diesel engines in both the oil & gas industry and power generation industry. Souer Co. Ltd’s mission is to offer a first-class, proactive, total solution service in regards to the universal supply of our products and technical support and service.

May 15, 2023
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