enesal Energy has just reinforced the safety of the energy supply in one of Tanzania’s factories which produces brown sugar for direct consumption. With a population of more than 63 million people, Tanzania’s agriculture is an important source of income, representing 25% of GDP, and sugar cane is one of its most profitable crops. Within this sector, the Kilombero Sugar company is a heavyweight. Its projects to increase production in the medium and long term require solid infrastructures capable of withstanding any unforeseen power supply eventuality, the country having a very deficient electricity network.

  Kilombero Sugar Company Limited is the largest producer of sugar in Tanzania under the Bwana Sukari brand name. The company is owned by Illovo Sugar Africa and the Government of Tanzania. Kilombero Sugar operates two farms close to each other:  Msolwa K1 and Ruembe K2. These are located on both sides of the Great Ruaha River and linked by a bridge. Both farms are involved in brown sugar production and need a very reliable network to carry out their daily business. The project developed by Genesal Energy for Kilombero Sugar focused on the design, manufacture and commissioning of three soundproof generator sets ( 2x GEN2000YC + GEN1100YC) with three different rooms each: engine-alternator room, control room and storage room.

Two soundproofed generator sets (GEN2000YC) were designed in 40 feet containers, guaranteeing an average sound pressure level of 85 dB at 1 m. The container has 3 separate rooms: engine-alternator room, control room and storage room. In each genset a Baudouin engine has been fitted with a Mecc Alte alternator on an electro-welded steel base with

anti-vibration blocks. A 2000-litre, double-walled, certified tank has been installed inside the container. A waterspray fire detection and extinguishing system was also installed in the group room and the storage room. CO 2 extinguishers were further installed in the control room which is air-conditioned.

 The genset enclosures received C5 paint surface treatment, according to ISO12944.  ISO12944 is the industry standard for corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems. Originally released in 1998, the standard is put together by representatives from key countries and companies involved in the protection of steel structures to build a mutually beneficial standard.  

 Technical data involving the contract  Execution:

Soundproofed Stationary 40HC Container.

Prime power: 1850 kVA

Standby power: 2000 kVA

Voltage: 400/230 V

Frequency: 50 Hz

RPM: 1500 RPM

Engine: Baudouin

Alternator: Mecc Alte

In 2023 Genesal Energy supplied a 330kVA genset to an industry corporation operating in Kenya. This was a GEN330VI genset  designed for a power plant &  ancillary service applications. The 50Hz M (111-385kVA) offers PRP/STP (kVA)300/330 and is a soundproof three-phase diesel-fuelled set with a FPT CURSOR87 TE4 engine and 1500 RPM.

The FPT Industrial Cursor87 ENT (294 kW) engine has a displacement of 8.7 litres and weighs 907 kilograms. It is equipped with 6-cylinders, each with a bore of 117 mm and a stroke of 135 mm. The engine has a maximum torque of 1700 Nm and a maximum power output of 294 kW at 2200 RPM. The GEN330VI genset weighs 3335kg and provides a voltage of 400/230 - 415/240 - 380/220. Three-phase generator sets of this type can be found in almost any power range and their intensive use and proven efficiency make them more compact, more robust and more efficient than single-phase generator sets. A three-phase generator is normally more compact than a single-phase generator as it can benefit from current effects and zero magnetic flux, which means that, to move the same power, less iron and copper are needed in electrical machines. This makes them more efficient, both in the generation and transportation of electrical energy. Due to the construction of the magnetic circuits themselves, three-phase generators tend to be more efficient, reports Genesal.

Whereas the single-phase motor has one pair of poles, the three-phase motor has three. This makes the torque absorbed by the three-phase generator “rounder” and therefore, the mechanical transmission system, bearings and other parts not only suffer less wear, but are also more balanced.

May 12, 2024
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