ia SOUER, INNIO has supplied a Jenbacher J420 gas engine to a site in Thailand. The gas engine has since been successfully commissioned  is biogas-fuelled power plant in Suratthani province. The electricity generated is being exported to the grid under PPA license. This is the fourth Jenbacher gas engine unit in this power plant.

A spokesman comments:

"After commissioning, our engineer conducted onsite training. The focus of our training is in-depth product knowledge, applications knowledge sharing and safety training. Our training programme applies everything learned in both theoretical and practical sessions at the engine site to make sure staff are well prepared to meet the challenges of everyday operation."

 The new Jenbacher J420 unit is based on the proven Type 4 platform of more than 6,000 delivered engines generating about 7 GW of power worldwide. Leading the way with next-generation technology innovation, the new J420 is said to deliver as much as 4% more output — up to 1,560 kW — and up to 1% point of additional electrical efficiency compared to respective J420 B versions. The J420 genset delivers a robust concept with a compact footprint with a 0.6-meter reduction in length compared to previous Type 4 genset versions.

 Combined Heat and Power Module (CHP Module) solutions allow customers to generate power and heat simultaneously at a very high total efficiencies, reaching 90% and even more.

CHP Modules can generate hot water or steam at various parameters and can be integrated with existing heat infrastructure. Users can select the option which fits a project’s needs among the various heat recovery schemes provided by Jenbacher. The scope of supply can be extended further with various balance of plant options (BOP) offered by Jenbacher, reports the company.

Oct 16, 2023
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