n a world of evolving regulations due to the effects of pollutants on climate change, Dürr Universal reports that it is proud to have launched its new selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system. SCR systems provide removal of nitrogen oxides (NOX) from industrial processes by conversion to N2 (nitrogen) and H2O (water).  The process involves upstream injection of ammonia or urea for reaction with NOX in the exhaust over the catalysts.
Dürr Universal is part of Clean Technology Systems, within the Durr Group and with a proud company history spanning over 70 years. The benefits of using its new SCR system are said to include:
-In excess of 90% NOX reduction
-Making existing assets greener
-Up to 3.5MW engine range
-Suitable for all engines, such Cat, Cummins, Perkins, MWM, Wartsila, Deutz, and Jenbacher.
- Power generation, marine, oil & gas and locomotive
Supplied as SCR unit with integrated sound attenuation option if required
- It is a Modular system
-It is Retrofit-ready compact solution
- Dürr Universal offers a containerised cost-effective solution.
Dürr Universal is a global provider of custom-engineered ancillary equipment and solutions to the power generation, oil and gas, industrial processing, rail transportation, marine and backup power markets.  For more than half a century, OEMs, EPCs, packagers and end-users have relied on Universal to engineer acoustic and emission / filtration systems to meet their specific needs and provide unparalleled support across the entire energy generation lifecycle.
  The company's comprehensive single-sourced solution not only meets environmental, regulatory and operational requirements, but helps operators reduce costs, improve the efficiency of equipment, and achieve safety and compliance targets. Dürr’s systems portfolio features exhaust and inlet systems, including silencers, ducts, structural steel, dampers/diverters and filters for gas turbines, diesel and gas engines.
The Dürr product range comprises
•Exhaust Silencers
•Air Intake Silencers
•Steam Vent Silencers
•Air Movement Silencers
•Gas Turbine Inlet / Gas Turbine Exhaust System
•Pressure Vessels


Apr 15, 2024
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