eld on 8th December, 2022, at the prestigious Park Plaza Hotel, Westminster, London, PowerEx Live 2022, organised by the Power Media International Group Ltd, continues to attract leading companies and key power speakers, along with exhibitors from the Critical Power sector.

 These include: Generator Power, Bergen Engines UK, Wernick Power, Cummins Generator Technologies, Clarke Energy, Aksa, Crestchic, Durr Universal, HMS Industrial Networks, Industrial Power Systems, IPU Group, Leroy Somer|NIDEC, Mecc Alte, BGG UK, Scania, MHM Group, Volvo, YorPower, Edina, Eminox and many more.  Companies who have recently reserved exhibition slots include:  AKSA, Scania, Lister Petter Engine Co., MEMS, Edina and Teksan, reports the organiser, Power Media International Group Ltd (PMIG).

Register for free: attendees have the chance to learn from energy experts within several key fields: Gen-Sets, CHP, District Energy, Engines, Emissions, Rental, Hydrogen,

Distributed Energy, Fuels, Grid Codes, Data Centres, Batteries, Energy Storage, Fuels, Noise Reduction, Gen-Set Statistics and Industry Consultants.

  The two conferences take place under 1 roof in 1 day, with 18 + high quality power speakers. The AMPS Awards for Excellence’ (black tie) event is being held in the evening at the same location.

 PowerEx Live has won a solid reputation at a quality networking and industry event held at a Covid-secure venue in the heart of London, with excellent rail, tube and road links.  PowerEx is organised by one of the leading publications companies in the field of power generation and energy today, Power Media International Group Ltd.

  Power Media International Group Ltd publishes Worldwide Independent Power, UK Power News, Middle East Power, Euro Power News, Africa Power News, Independent Power Asia and American Power News.

  The Claverton Energy Group is currently providing additional speakers for the event from academia, consultancies in the public and private sector and is engaging other industry experts involved with the broader energy spectrum.  

These are free to attend conferences with tea/coffee & lunches provided.

 Comments about last year’s show

Here is feedback from attendees at PowerEx Live 2021 at the Park Plaza venue:

* Ian Wilcoxson Data Centre Channel Manager (EAME) for Kohler Power:

‚ÄúVisitors to PowerEx Live certainly showed an interest in learning more about regulatory and technological changes in gensets.‚ÄĚ

* Paola Nardi, Marketing and Communication Coordinator, Soga SpA:

‚Äú Great event! My colleagues were very thrilled, very well-organised and a positive business atmosphere.‚ÄĚ

PowerExLive update: Free to attend conferences on 8th December 2022

GREAT SPEAKERS lined up so far for the Networking, Power & Industry event at the Park Plaza, London:

*Ian Bitterlin ‚Äď Data centres & Performance Class (in ISO 8528-1:2018, Section 7) affect the selection of emergency standby generators for data ¬†centre applications?

*Ian Bitterlin ‚Äď Energy storage - What are the technologies for large scale applications, such as flywheels or batteries?

*Dr Michaela Kendall  - UK Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technology Supply Chains

*Romain Mocaer - Market statistics - diesel & gas Generator market 2023-24

*John D. Kerr - Reciprocating Engine Noise - Power Generation Application

*Keith Maclean  - Sustainable Critical Power Solutions

*Bernard Gospel - Red diesel: changes to rebated fuels

*Ian Wassman - G99

*Hassaan Minhas - G99



Sep 11, 2022
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