he Cyplan® ORC 70 NT is a new ORC module developed by Dürr which converts waste heat into clean electricity in the low-temperature range from temperatures of just 85°C.

A new addition to the portfolio, the low-temperature ORC lowers energy costs, reduces CO2 emissions, and is suitable for all industries. The first system has successfully passed the practical test at a machinery manufacturer.  The Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), a technology which   converts thermal energy into clean electricity and useful heat, can make almost every industrial production process above a certain thermal energy threshold more  environmentally-friendly.  The new Cyplan® ORC 70 NT now enables this in the lower-temperature segment, which is typical for hot-water networks, geothermal heat sources, and many industrial processes. The low-temperature system has a maximum possible gross output of 70 kWe.  The Cyplan® ORC 70 NT works on the proven ORC circuit principle and joins Dürr’s comprehensive portfolio of ORC solutions, covering a wide range from 85°C to 500°C. Dürr modified the system control to implement projects with tried-and-tested standard components. The Cyplan® ORC 70 NT is a plug-and-play solution for quick and easy

integration into customer-specific systems. Unlike other products on the market, the new module can convert waste heat into clean electricity even at high outside

temperatures, like all Dürr ORC systems. Dürr Systems AG is part of the Dürr Group, one of the world's leading mechanical and plant engineering firms with outstanding expertise in the fields of automation and digitization.

The Dürr Group is active on the market with the three main brands Dürr, Schenck, and HOMAG. The long-established brand Dürr has been a byword for continuous innovation since 1896, with a wide range of products in robot, process, and assembly technology for all areas of vehicle production, focusing on painting and final assembly lines.

Dürr also offers painting technology for general industry. In the field of environmental technology, Dürr supplies efficient systems for exhaust air purification, for increasing the efficiency of production processes, and for sound insulation technology for a wide range of industries. Smart automatic and supervisory control systems and an efficient service offering complete the portfolio.

 As an international market leader, Dürr is your one-stop shop for the automotive industry, and plans and implements turnkey paint shops, final assembly systems and machine and robot technology. What’s more, Dürr offers high-performance systems for air pollution control and painting technology. As well as products that are technology leaders, our process expertise, project management and service also set us apart from the crowd. We have been conducting research into smart networking for 20 years, and are trend-setters in the digitization of systems, machines, and processes.   At the same time, Dürr is a traditional brand that has stood for technological progress and quality since 1896. Along with Schenck and Homag, it is the Dürr Group's third major brand, which has its headquarters in Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany.

Jun 12, 2023
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