GG - Bruno Group company Milantractor, specialists in zoned oil /gas generators and fire pumps, recently delivered a complete mixed diesel/gas generator package to Total Austral SA. The units have been mounted onto an offshore wellhead platform in part of the Fenix Gas field in South America.
The specification involved a 250kVA zone II BT3 class gas powered generator along with a single marine IMO Tier III diesel 400kVA generator set for a secure zoned application. Both sets were mounted in bespoke DNV pressurized containers which were manufactured within the Bruno group. They are A60 fire-rated and came complete with an ATEX fire and gas system.

The 400kVA Marine Diesel Set (IMO TIER III) Marine diesel set is powered by a Volvo D13MG Coupled to a Stamford S5L1MD41 alternator rated at 500kVA. The rig safe accessories kit includes air shutoff valve, spark arrestor muffler and shielded wiring system.  The 250kVA ATEX GAS SET (Zone IIB T3) Gas set was fitted with a PSI NG 10LT gas engine close-coupled to a Leroy Sommer 250kVA 4-pole alternator.

In order to comply with the exacting specification of the ATEX zone requirement, the set was fitted with an air intake flame trap along with an air shutdown valve and spark arrestor muffler. The starter motor and governor are Exd rated and the unit benefits from shielded wiring. The set has a dry type of manifold turbine which has cover T3 special treatment. The generator is fitted with gas and heat detector sensors packaged within a pressurized DNV container which is also fitted with a purge system. The custom-built Bruno container was treated to C5-M painting specification designed for offshore hostile environments. Gas train pressure reduction system Control of the system uses a ComAp Intellevision 5 display fitted with intelligen NT card with the gas pressure controller by a gas train pressure reduction system.
The Fenix gas field is located in the Austral Basin, offshore Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. It is being developed through a subsidiary Total Austral, which holds a 37.5% stake in the project.


Apr 15, 2024
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