fter NEOM, Saudi Arabia is building another megacity, Marafy, in the north of Jeddah. It will create an urban oasis and its highlight will be an 11-kilometre manmade canal, the first in the Kingdom. The site will require an estimated additional 5MW of power for the construction phase and completion process.

Saudi Arabia has big plans for the future. Coming soon is another megacity. It will boast of a grand waterfront similar to the one in London. To be called Marafy, it will be built north of Jeddah.

Marafy is the second such futuristic city planned for the Kingdom after NEOM, a massive engineering project powered by clean energy without streets or cars. The site incorporates Saudi Arabia’s first man-made canal and the Marafy site is expected to accommodate 130,000 people. It has been designed with the vision of creating an urban oasis and its highlight will be the 11-kilometre manmade canal. The water body right in the middle of a desert will bring marine life to the heart of the historic city of Jeddah, which has been attracting traders, travellers and pilgrims for centuries.

  The canal, which will be 100-metre wide, will be fully navigable. It will connect to Obhur Creek and will be surrounded by multiple unique districts, according to a report on Al-Arabiya, an Arabic media channel. The waterfront will be as grand as Chicago, Stockholm, Hamburg, and central London, say its architects.

Saudi Arabia is already developing a project known as The Line - a walled city just 200 metres wide but 170 km long, which will be located at an altitude of 500 metres above sea level.

The city is designed for 9 million inhabitants and is being built on an area of 34 square kilometres. It will be the first city in the world to be powered entirely by renewable energy, including wind, solar and hydrogen power. Residents of The Line will live in interconnected societies run by artificial intelligence designed to coexist with nature. The Line, based in the kingdom’s north-west Tabuk province, will have a mirrored facade.  It is just one of a series of projects which makes up the $500 billion Neom project, a futuristic city with a mixed-use development, containing spaces for work, play and living for Saudi Arabia's citizens.

Nov 12, 2023
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