EICH-Kupplungen regards iTOK  as one of its latest development in the well-known TOK range. A highly flexible transmission element with high torsional flexibility is the finishing touch to the impressive properties of the torsion-optimised rubber disc coupling for industry. The highly flexible iTOK coupling has been specially designed for applications requiring extremely low torsional rigidity. As the direct connection between the engine and the driven machine, it can compensate particularly well for axial, radial and angular misalignments on resiliently mounted drives. This allows torsional vibrations and load shocks to be optimally absorbed while ensuring smooth running of the drive.
 “We have drawn on our exceptional experience with torsion-optimised couplings from numerous test bench applications for the industrial sector to specifically focus on the development of TOK. The iTOK allows us to offer our industrial customers the ultimate combination of torque transmission and torsional flexibility,” emphasises Christian Reich, Managing Director of Dipl.-Ing. Herwarth Reich GmbH.
Torque transmission capacity meets displacement capability: the iTOK combines high torque transmission capacity with high displacement capability making it suitable for high speeds. The iTOK coupling design incorporates coupling sizes for a torque range of 600 Nm to 60,000 Nm as standard – and customised REICH couplings even up to 140,000 Nm. The rigidity of the coupling can be adapted to requirements by selecting different elastomers. All iTOK couplings are maintenance-free and comply with ATEX explosion protection.
 REICH-Kupplungen has a variety of iTOK versions in its range: this provides the duplex variant of iTOK with double the torque, while the R version (in series) enables the iTOK’s rigidity to be halved. The modular design allows for a wide variety of configurations with minimal assembly effort. This makes the iTOK a compelling, custom-fit and cost-effective solution for industrial customers who aim to achieve a high level of operational stability for their system.
D2C – it doesn’t get more individual than this: the essential quality factor offered by REICH-Kupplungen is the in-house development and ongoing improvement of the elastomers used. For 75 years, the company’s headquarters in Bochum has been using state-of-the-art production technologies and its own test benches to produce high-quality durable products for power transmission. True to the guiding principle of ‘Designed to Customer’ (D2C), REICH continuously develops not only its own elastomers but also coupling system solutions in order to adapt them even better to the individual needs of the customers and to offer the optimum coupling solution. This is also the case with the new iTOK coupling, reports the company.


Apr 15, 2024
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