enerators and emergency backup generators produce electricity out of available resources to be independent of the electricity network. The single or double walled stainless steel flue systems are made for high flue temperatures until 600┬║C and at the same time for a high pressure up to 15000 Pa. In United States of America and Europe certified up to 5000 Pa). Instead of sealing material, the Jeremias Group uses a permanent conical plug- in system between the metal pipes. This ÔÇśall-rounderÔÇÖ system is used in hospitals, computer centres and everywhere, where a loss of electricity could have serious consequences.
Jeremias flue systems for generators and emergency backup generators are soot fire and moisture resistant. Accessories include different types of flue sound absorbers and exhaust and explosion flaps.
The Jeremias Group are Europe's leading manufacturer of Flue, Chimney & Exhaust systems, offering high quality and innovative solutions across all areas of heat and energy production within the Commercial and Industrial sector. Jeremias are synonymous with durable quality & continuous innovation, with CE certified systems covering specific applications for the exhaust industry, complemented by freestanding Industrial steel chimneys.

A company spokesman comments:

"The top quality of Jeremias products is based on the deep-seated quality awareness of our employees. As an ISO9001-certified company, we maintain a quality management system for the continuous optimisation of products, processes and activities. Our own test facilities as well as externally monitored production controls ensure a consistent high quality. In addition to mandatory standards and certifications, Jeremias flue systems also meet national and application specific norms. ┬á "Depending on the output class and actual application, combined heat & power units set a host of different challenges for the chimney system to be installed. As one of the leading global manufacturers of flue and chimney systems , we would be pleased to use our experience and expertise from a range of reference projects to help you plan and install chimney systems for combined heat & power units."ÔÇŹ


Apr 15, 2024
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