wo HFW-400 T5 400 kVA soundproof generator set each powered by an C13TE3A FPT IVECO engines and each with a MECC ALTE alternator have been delivered to Casablanca Finance City In Morocco. Casablanca Finance City (CFC) is an African financial and business centre committed to the continent’s future. ts goal is to attract international institutions and investors to invest and operate in North, West, and Central Africa, using Casablanca as a gateway to access this region.
 The centre offers three main business categories: -Financial Companies: These include banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions operating Morocco or abroad.
-Professional Services Providers: Offering legal, consulting, and other specialized services. -Regional or International Headquarters of Multinationals: Providing a strategic base for global companies.  CFC reports it consistently ranks as a top financial centre globally, providing comprehensive administrative support to its members.
Each of the genset has a C13TE3A FPT IVECO engine offering ISO 8528 standard certification of excellent performance related to load acceptance. Each engine has an accurate fuel delivery system designed to achieve top performance terms of load response and top power with the minimum fuel consumption: C87 with very compact 2nd generation Common Rail SystemC10 & C13 with electronic  controlled unit injectors.
  The engines offer the option to switch from 1500 rpm to 1800 rpm. This feature is said to be user-friendly thanks to interface card. Designed to cope with freezing nightime desert climates the C13TE3A has a minimum cold starting temperature without auxiliaries down to -10°C (with grid heater down to -25°). Tier 3 performance is achieved without external EGR or VGT, says FPT.
The engine is turbocharged with air-to-air charge cooled air system with 4 valves per cylinder to increase the engine efficiency through the optimisation of  thermodynamic performance in terms of load response & fuel consumption.
These CURSOR family engines adopt combustion chambers and high pressure injection system optimised to reduce oil dilution. The C13TE3A offers optimum engine design in terms of mechanical clearances, piston rings and oil system calculation, reports FPT.
The C13TE3A has an engine ECU (Electronic Control Unit) with CAN-BUS control & monitoring -interfaces can be used for advanced real time diagnosis. The engine also offers multiple injections, balancer counterweights incorporated in crankshaft webs, rear gear train layout, camshaft in crankcase, suspended oil pan and ladder frame cylinder block.
There is an Integrated CCV (Closed Crankcase Ventilation) system and engine design oriented to high component integration. Water-oil cooler, oil and water pumps are
completely integrated in the engine block, reports the manufacturer. The HFW-400 T5 400 kVA is a watercooled three-phase soundproof genset which is compliant with the following directives:

• EN ISO 13857:2008 Machinery safety.
• 2006/95/EC Low voltage.
• 89/336/EEC Electromagnetic compatibility.
• 2000/14/EC Sound Power level. Noise emissions outdoor equipment. (amended by 2005/88/EC)
• 97/68/EC Emissions of gaseous and particulate pollutants. (amended by 2002/88/EC & 2004/26/EC.

With its 4-stroke diesel engine (injection type) it has a turbocharged aftercooler. It offers a Total Oil Capacity of 35-litres ands collant capacity of 68-litres. The gensets also feature a dry air filter and an electronic Engine Governor.‍

Standard equipment with the unit includes:

• Diesel engine, 4-stroke, water cooled, provided  with electric start 12V or 24V.
•  Radiator with pusher fan
•  Decanting water pre-filter
•  Mechanical engine regulation (up to model HFW160) or electronic (from model HFW-200)
•  HWT / LOP senders (from HFW250)
•  Low coolant level sensor (from HFW-200)
•  Hot & mobile components
(exhaust, fan etc) and  radiator guards.
• Exhaust engine outlet and industrial silencer of -15dB(A) & oil sump extraction kit.

The generator features 4-poles, Serie Star winding connections, SAE1 - 14”Frame Mounting, Class H insulation, and an IP23 e.nclosure (according IEC-34-5)


Apr 15, 2024
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