he EUROPGEN General Assembly, convened this Friday, 15th of December, validated the appointment of a new president and a new general secretary.

Marco Monsurr√≤, CEO of Coelmo spa and president of the Italian Association Generazione Distribuita ‚Äď ANIMA Confindustria, becomes the new president of EUROPGEN, succeeding Antonio Leitao, who served as president since 2019. Following his appointment, he declared: ‚ÄúThe Energy Transitions means choosing the Electricity, generated in a sustainable way, as main energy vector for industrial and residential applications. Generating Sets are the most reliable and affordable way of providing back up power for those who use Electricity as main source of power. We can openly say that there is no Energy Transition without Generating Sets and its Industry. The main goal of my program is to better position the entire industry as an enabling technology toward a sustainable Energy Transition‚ÄĚ.

¬† ¬†Romain Moca√ęr, director of Powergen Consulting, becomes the new secretary general of EUROPGEN, succeeding Jean-Michel Geiller, who served as general secretary since 2020. Following his appointment, he declared: ‚ÄúEUROPGEN's objective is to continue the work and direction taken by the association over recent years, while taking into consideration the new challenges facing us: decarbonization of industry, growth of renewable energies, and protection of European industry. We want our industry to be a major player in the energy transition in Europe. ¬Ľ

The EUROPGEN association warmly thanks Antonio Leitao and Jean-Michel Geiller for their dedication and involvement, which over the years have made EUROPGEN an association recognized in Europe and representing the voice of the Generating Set Industry. ¬†Marco Monsurr√≤, born in Napoli, Italy, in 1974, married with three children, holds a bachelor's and a Ph.D. in Business Economics. He joined the family business in 1999 and, together with his younger brother Jacopo, has led it to its current status as an international group specializing in the design and production of Generating Sets. He is president of Generazione Distribuita ‚Äď Motori, Accessori e Gruppi Elettrogeni di ANIMA Confindustria since 2021.

Romain Moca√ęr, born in Brest, France, in 1983, married with three children, holds a master‚Äôs degree in Business Economics. He co-founded PowerGen Statistics in 2010, a market & research company specializing in the generating set industry.

EUROPGEN is a cross-border organization registered as an official advocacy organization in EU. It represents the voice of the European Generating Set Industry. It has 20 members including national associations as well as corporate companies.

Dec 21, 2023
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