ONINKLIJKE VAN TWIST of Dordrecht has installed three diesel T2800 generator sets (KOHLER Power Systems EMEA T2800 gensets) with a capacity of 2800 KVA each installed in an existing data centre. The emergency power generators were installed with the help of several cranes because these generator sets had to be placed through the outer wall on the first floor. Each Performance Class G3 generator has a KD62V12A-5DES engine, 50 Hz Frequency (Hz), 400/230 Voltage (V) and a Standard Control Panel M80-D.

The engine on each features a common rail fuel system which generates up to 2200-bar injection pressure for maximum efficiency, optimizing the combustion pressure curve through multiple injections. An ideal injection point and extremely uniform injection quantity create exceptionally low noise and deliver very stable power, says the manufacturer.  Engineers specifically designed the remarkable fuel system to work optimally for KOHLER G-Drive engines. The generator set, its components and a wide range of options have been fully developed, prototype tested, factory built, and production-tested, The generator sets are designed in accordance to ISO8528-5 performance class G3 to offer:

  - Smooth running thanks to engine conception and integral vibration isolation mounts between components and skid

  - Low fuel consumption thanks to a high technology common rail injection engine

  - A smaller footprint thanks to a high power density

  - Low temperature starting capability

  - Long maintenance interval

Each set has an alternator providing industry leading motor starting capability and an excitation system to permit sustained overcurrent > 300% In, during 10 sec, built with a class H insulation  and IP23. Each set offers a flexible solution using an electrical driven radiator fan and high temperature and altitude product capacity, running without power derating.

Apr 15, 2024
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