TT, an expert in containment systems used to transport and store liquefied gases, has received an Approval in Principle (AiP) from ClassNK for a concept of a membrane type containment system for liquefied hydrogen (LH2).

 The company said the ability to transport hydrogen in liquefied form at -253°C is one of the technological challenges to build a reliable, efficient and competitive hydrogen supply chain and move towards a carbon-free future. To this end, GTT has developed a scalable containment system, which can be adapted to any size of LH2 carrier without major design modifications, as well as the cargo handling system, the design of which has been validated on the basis of ClassNK rules accompanied by a risk analysis.

 “We are proud to have obtained this new approval in principle from ClassNK, whose in-depth technical and regulatory knowledge, as well as the solid experience in the hydrogen field, demonstrate the relevance of GTT’s technology in this domain,” said Philippe Berterottière, chairman and CEO of GTT. “We are convinced that the development of containment systems for the transport of liquid hydrogen is a key element in accelerating the energy transition. GTT’s R&D teams are determined to push back the technological frontiers so that this solution is viable and rapidly available to the maritime transport and energy players.”

 Masaki Matsunaga, corporate officer and director of Plan Approval and Technical Solution Division of ClassNK, said the AiP for the LH2 cargo containment system and cargo handling system followed a review in accordance with rules and guidelines dedicated to LH2 transportation as well as verification of the risk analysis’ results.

 “Anticipating that hydrogen transport will play a significant role in a carbon-free society, we are delighted to participate in GTT’s pioneering initiative through our expertise in safety assessment,” Matsunaga said.
Aug 15, 2023
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