ISA SPA has provided five generating sets to a data centre in Kazakhstan which serves a major bank group. The backup power capacity installed was 8.5 MVA DCC through the five generators, each with a 1700 kVA DCCrating, operating in a parallel system. The entire project was co-ordinated by Visa’s local dealer who received the commissioning through his contractor. All the stages of development & implementation were followed and supported by Visa’s team of engineers working side-by-side not only with the distributor but also with the customer. The customer needed a reliable backup power solution to prevent any potential data loss and ensure that that business operations remained unaffected even under the most difficult environmental conditions.

Five model P 1700 Onis Visa generating sets were supplied to the site in Kazakhstan. All of the units were installed as emergency power sources for the building supply, including the Data Centre operating automatically in case of power failure. All gensets were equipped with 2,000-litre fuel tanks mounted on board.

The generator sets supplied are powered by Perkins12-cylinders engine model 4012-46TAG3A, from the proven 4000 Series range. This has been designed to offer superior performance and durability with optimal access for ease of installation and maintenance servicing, coupled with brushless and self-exciting Stamford alternators. The crucial challenge of the site was the difficult environmental conditions.

All gensets were located outside the building where temperatures can drop as low as -40¬įC in winter and + 40 ¬įC in summer,seriously affecting their operating functions.

Visa’s engineers had to ensure that mthe systems workedwithout interruption to avoid any loss of service due to freezing or water infiltration.

Visa’s team of engineers worked on the gensets which were customised and designed to fully comply with the strict requirements laid downby the client. The units were placed into 40-foot HC soundproof containers which guaranteed 80 dBA @ 7 mt sound pressure and equipped with external mufflers - the right choice for such a demanding application, says Visa.


The generators themselves are equipped with In-Sync control panels, allowing paralleling synchronisation. They are designed to simultaneously start, through a remote signal, in the event of any mains failure, and will automatically synchronise with each other by sharing the load equally. The system has been provided with a remote monitoring facility through the Web platform Onis Visa Web Supervisor. Once all units had been installed, two Visa SpA engineers personally assisted in the commissioning and start-up stages, instructing the customer’s technical staff about safety and maintenance procedures.

Working with a well-structured organization which is constantly searching for ways to better support customers in their requests,whatever the level of difficulty, can make a lot of difference. Support from companies like this, in terms of regional know-how and aftersales services, can be invaluable, especially when dealing with complex power plants.


Feb 26, 2020
UPS Systems
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