nstallers have delivered 22 MTU 20V 4000 DS3300 gensets for a new data centre in Frankfurt, Germany. These have been integrated at the site by partner company Zwart Techniek. These gensets will provide a total backup power of 68 MVA across two buildings, ensuring uninterrupted operations and reliability for a valued client. Recently the first genset was delivered onsite.

Data centres are major users of electrical power. Rack upon rack of computer servers can consume up to 300 watts of electricity for each square foot of floor space, which adds up to a lot of electric power consumed every hour of every day, 365-days-a-year. In addition, servers give off that energy as heat, which must be taken away by the facilityÔÇÖs air conditioning system. Then, to ensure customers have reliable service even during a utility outage, data facilities require a backup power system which includes UPSs and standby generators.

The mtu Series 4000 diesel generator sets have installed and have worked successfully at data centres, hospitals, airports, industrial plants, residential buildings, public facilities, decentralised power stations, microgrids, hybrid solutions and numerous other applications around the world.

 They are available in six different power ratings, including standby, prime and continuous power, the mtu Series 4000 diesel gensets cover the range from 1,600 to 4,000 kVA (50 Hz) and from 1,125 to 3,250 kWe (60 Hz). In addition to meeting highest quality, performance and fuel efficiency demands, they continue to define the benchmark for excellence with a variety of highly flexible, eco- and cost-efficient features, including low- and medium-voltage alternators, various controller configurations and mechanical or electrical radiators.

The Series 4000 provides the highest power density with industry-leading load factors and up to 4,000 kVA (50Hz) and 3,250 kWe (60Hz).  The Series offers extremely fast ramp up, best load acceptance and transient behaviour with minimal frequency and voltage deviations. The generators provide high performance even under hot ambient conditions and in high altitude environments.

Mission-critical systems require fast-start capability and one-step load acceptance. The Series 4000 has been designed to offer more available power within only a few seconds. The Series also offers industry-leading load factors up to 100% for data centres and up to 85% for standby applications. This exceeds the established industry norms such as ISO 8528-1 and allows even more operating hours for prime, emergency standby and data centre applications, says the manufacturer.

In case of an emergency, ┬áthe mtu Series 4000 generator sets will provide their full electrical power within a few seconds ÔÇô synchronized to the grid, to another power source or to other gensets in parallel. They are capable of accepting extremely high load steps without having significant frequency and voltage deviations and sacrificing the power quality. All mtu Series 4000 generator sets are said to 'overachieve ISO 8528-5 performance class G2 and G3 and their respective performance and power quality requirements for dynamic loading application, removal and recovery time'. Even while keeping all performance limits for G3, mtu Series 4000 generator sets can accept more than 50% load in the first step and 100% block load acceptance according to NFPA 110 requirements is also possible, reports the company.

mtu Series 4000 gensets are said to operate trouble-free with the highest power quality even under extreme conditions. They have proven their resilience again and again in continuous operation and with full loads in the heat, cold, and dust, as well as with frequent load changes. In addition to their well-known longevity, their low-maintenance construction and long service intervals also ensure cost-effectiveness. They minimize expenses and downtime and ensure that all equipment is fully operational again in record time.

 Series 4000 generator sets can now also be operated with renewable drop-in fuels like hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) or synthetic fuels such as Gas-to-Liquid (GtL) in accordance with the EN15940 standard. The use of renewable fuels alone can lead to significant C02 reductions over the complete lifecycle. Renewable fuels such as HVO are one crucial step to combine proven and reliable diesel generators for mission-critical backup power on the journey to net-zero.

May 12, 2024
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