spokesman for AL GHANEM TRADING comments:

" We are proud to announce the successful completion of a crucial project in Jordan's banking sector ÔÇô the supply, installation, and commissioning of two 800KVA diesel generators, both from the renowned KOHLER brand."

  These generators are Uptime Institute certified for unlimited running hours and fully comply with Tier III and Tier IV requirements for Data Centre applications, and compatible for emission optimization - EPA Tier 2 for the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

 The KOHLER KD800, 50 Hz industrial diesel generators have a Standby Range (kW/kVA) of 656-704/820-880 and a Prime Range (kW/kVA) 584-632/730-790. The speed is listed as:

1500 RPM and each set features a Alternator: Type Brushless, Permanent-Magnet Pilot Exciter. The KOHLER Diesel Powered generator set and its components are prototype-tested, factory-built, and production-tested. A three-year limited warranty covers all systems and components. Five- and ten-year extended warranties are also available.

 Special features include:

- Low coolant level shutdown prevents overheating (standard on radiator models only)

- Integral vibration isolation eliminates the need for under-unit vibration spring isolators

- An electronic, isochronous governor delivers precise frequency regulation

- Multiple circuit breaker configurations

- Hurricane-rated enclosures available; 186 mph wind load rating on sound aluminum enclosure


-The pilot-excited, permanent-magnet (PM) alternator provides superior short-circuit capability

-NEMA MG1, IEEE, and ANSI standards compliance for temperature rise and motor starting

-Sustained short-circuit current of up to 300% of the rated current for up to 10 seconds and enables down stream circuit breakers to trip without collapsing the alternator field

-Self-ventilated and drip-proof construction

-Brushless alternator with brushless pilot exciter for excellent load response

Oct 19, 2023
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