eksan reports that it has delivered a 1100 kVA diesel genset to the Banque du Développement du Mali which in 2018 was voted Best Bank in West Africa. Teksan diesel generators incorporate the best engine brands available and the Teksan TJ1100PE 1100 kVA diesel generator is known for its reliability & economy thanks to its robust Perkins 4008TAG2 engine. The Overhead Valve (OHV) 1500rpm engine produces 1100 kVA / 808 kW of prime power effortlessly and has been designed to be quiet, rugged, and durable.
 The Teksan TJ1100PE has a close-fitting acoustic  canopy, long run bunded fuel tank, its best at home when used for the construction industry, hire fleets, outdoor events, or for standby power applications.
Power rating of the TJ1100PE:  The genset has a prime power rating of 1100 kVA / 808 kW and standby power rating of 1100 kVA / 808 kW.  This canopied diesel generator is extremely compact and robust, so can be stored with ease with minimum effort.  With a generous bunded fuel tank of 1650-litres, the Teksan TJ1100PE diesel generator is perfect for a wide variety of projects and applications. With an easy-to-use configuration this diesel generator gives an excellent balance between performance and price, reports the manufacturer.
In Teksan generator sets, leading engine brands that have state of the art technology and have compliance with ISO 8528, ISO 3046, BS 5514, DIN 6271 standards, being used.
These engines offer low fuel consumption, provide accurate speed settings, mount to the fuel pump, also have mechanical or electronic type governors. The alternators used inside them are appropriate according to EC 60034-1; CEI EN 60034-1; BS 4999 5000; VDE 0530, NF 51- 100,111; OVE M-10, NEMA MG 1.22. standards.
The engines have a bearing system which does not need maintenance, with an electronic type voltage regulator providing voltage settings. The standard control panel, used in Teksan generator sets, ensures  comfortable and safe usage.
Al measured and statistical parameters, operating modes, notice and alarms and condition of generator, are monitored easily from the control panel.  Based on the front of the panel’s metal body the electronic control module and the emergency stop button are easy to reach. The panel’s metal body is made of steel sheet and is painted with electrostatic powder paint. Teksan offers panel design and solutions which comply with special requirements of customers as well as quality standard panels.
Teksan’s chassis is manufactured from steel which complements its rigid structural design and anti-vibration mounts: it reduces  vibration levels to minimum. The chassis contains lifting lugs making transportation and positioning easier.

In less than 1600 kVA power generator sets, the fuel tank is integrated in design. In chassis with more than 1600 kVA power generator sets, a rectangular type fuel tank is
provided separate from the generator set . Both types of fuel tank have an individual level indicator.
Each genset’s cooling system consists of a quality industrial-type radiator, expansion tank and cooler fan, to keeps the set’s interior temperature constant and at a proper level.
TEKSAN Dropover Canopy Type Generator Sets:  Teksan manufactures drop over canopies for outdoor installations. with features as follows;
*Compatible with 2000/14/EC directives, certified noise emission level,
*2 or 4 points transport possibility according to cabin size,
*Hidden exhaust inside the canopy,
* Emergency stop button located on the canopy,
* Improved air suction channel to ensure homogenous cooling in the canopy,
* Radiator air outlet and exhaust with designed towards above.
* Lid on cab to help with easy filling of radiator water and antifreeze.
*Improved paint system which
protects against corrosion and rust.
*Improved performance in terms of sound insulation.
* Demounted parts which make transportation and maintenance easier.
* The TJ-509-T MK3 is a next-generation controller combining multifunctionality and wide range of applications.
The Perkins 4008TAG2 is a turbocharged, air-to-air charge cooled, 8-cylinder in-line diesel engine. Its premium design and specification features provide economic and durable operation as well as exceptional power-to- weight ratio, improved serviceability, low gaseous emissions, overall performance and reliability essential to the power generation market. Individual four valve cylinder heads give optimised gas flows, while unit fuel injectors ensure ultra fine fuel atomisation.


Apr 15, 2024
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