16MW power plant - made up of 8 individual gensets linked together - has been installed to support the National Grid in the Kingdom's western region. As the installation took place in a residential area, strict and specific regulations had to be followed for the noise level, emissions and safety.  The work has been signed and accepted by the relevant authorities.

A spokesman commented:

"Many thanks for PEAX staff for such professional work and good-looking site."

Installation & Operation by PEAX Equipment Rental - Branch of Saudi Diesel Equipment Group. PEAX Rental and Leasing is part of TAWAD Group which has business interest in Automotive ‚Äď Heavy Equipment ‚Äď Power Generation and Real Estate. ¬†PEAX is one of the fastest growing car rental and leasing companies in Saudi Arabia with over ¬†2,000 active units in operations.

The 16MW diesel powered peaking power plant  has two main functions. Firstly, to support the mains grid transformers each day in long term parallel mode, during the peak hours, when the 20MW transformers were overloaded. Secondly, to operate in island mode if any transformers were to be taken out for repair or maintenance. In such an instance the 16MW diesel power plant would then supply that area.

Typically, a setup like this would have a a SCADA industrial PC system where the authorities could monitor and control the entire system from one location. The SCADA Industrial PC Control System monitors the fuel economy of the generating sets. The customer can then decide whether to run two generating sets at a lower power, or one single unit. In the case where one of the mains transformers needs to be taken offline for repair or maintenance, the customer can start all 8 generating sets, synchronise them together and cover the load of this transformer for the required amount of time.

Jun 12, 2023
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