RKEN Generators has supplied and commissioned a backup power system for a natural gas cycle power plant located in Iraq.  The project has involved supplying two ARKEN 2100 kVA diesel gensets. The power system  has been installed in air-conditioned special containers with suitable IP-55 insulation class, 80dbA acoustic feature at 1 mt, fire  detection and gas fire extinguishing system. Double-walled flame arrester fuel tanks in the generator sets are supported by an automatic, motorised valve filling system.

 The system features a test synchronisation system with each two mains coupled return and forward mains of both generators - it has the ability to communicate with the customer SCADA.

  The SCADA Supervisory control and data acquisition is a control system architecture comprising computers, networked data communications and graphical user interfaces for high-level supervision of gensets and power processes.

  It also covers sensors and other devices, such as programmable logic controllers, which interface with process plant or machinery.

The operator interfaces which enable monitoring and the issuing of process commands, like controller set point changes, are handled through the SCADA computer system. The subordinated operations, e.g. the real-time control logic or controller calculations, are performed by networked modules connected to the field sensors and actuators.

   The gensets feature engines provided by MITSUBISHI, one of the world’s leading engine brands. According to ARKEN, MITSUBISHI offers:

‚Äúa great service principle in terms of engine capacity working principle. These engines, which can be used in many fields, are constantly being developed with the designs of the best engineer teams. The fact that the engines that have been used for years do not cause any problems and show high performance have made the brand even better.‚ÄĚ

Key details:

-ST-BY: 2100 kVA

-Mounted air filter

-24 volt starter motor

-COMAP IG-NTC Controller

-Specially-installed LED lighting system that is not

affected by temperature,

-Alternator windings and bearing temperature

monitoring and protection system

-Alternator anti-condensation heater system

-Alternator differential protection system

-Selectable redundant  battery system

- An oil level monitoring system has been installed while the engine is running. The system comes without break transfer (with one generator two mains)

- Test running with adjusted load as mains parallel.

- Running hours equalization of generators.

-Transmitters are  used at oil pressure, oil temperature ,coolant temperature and fuel level


 A working scenario involves one generator feeding a total load and the mains return generator is achieving synchronization with both mains separately. The system is also capable of forward test synchronisation with mains at an adjusted load level.

Jun 12, 2023
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