eliable power is essential for pharmaceutical and biological research labs, especially labs which operate with sensitive pharmaceutical instruments, chemical materials and carry out research experiments, as these experiments often need to be conducted in specific conditions and temperatures.

   To ensure uninterrupted power and protect its ongoing research and development of new drugs and biological processes, Enamine Ltd., a multinational pharmaceutical developer and research lab based in Ukraine, relies on 27 gen-sets. These cover a large area of five acres of HQ facilities in Kyiv and several remote research labs. This extensive gen-set fleet is necessary for maintaining the supply of uninterrupted power needed across all facilities to ensure the safe handling and preservation of biological specimens and provide a stable environment for continued scientific research. ComAp's remote monitoring solution, WebSupervisor, enables Enamine to securely oversee and control the operations of its large gen-set fleet through PCs and mobile devices from anywhere in the country.

 As the company continues to grow and expand its operations, both domestically and internationally, the need to increase the capacity of its backup generators, ranging from 88 to 440 kVA, has grown exponentially. Monitoring and managing each of the individual gen-sets, which are spread sparsely across remote locations, became a challenge for the company’s personnel and so they sought to implement a more efficient control and remote monitoring solution to oversee the operations of their large backup system. Additionally, to facilitate remote monitoring, the company needed to upgrade its infrastructure and establish wireless communication capabilities across the entire gen-set fleet.

  To support Enamine, ComAp, in collaboration with NTT Energy, the distributor and service partner for Kohler Energy in Ukraine, upgraded the pharmaceutical company’s gen-set infrastructure with InteliLite smart controllers. These controllers were integrated with WebSupervisor, a secure cloud-based application for remote monitoring, device management, and data analysis for both ComAp and third-party devices. ComAp’s InteliLite controllers are developed with extensive communication capabilities, supporting remote communication and enhancing connectivity and data logging. A variety of InteliLite controllers (IL-NT MRS15, IL3 MRS16, IL4 MRS16) were integrated with the customer’s on-site gen-sets, and further equipped with ComAp’s wireless communication modules, IL-NT-GPRS and CM2-4G-GPS. This integration facilitated a significant improvement to the connectivity, data logging, and monitoring capabilities of the gen-set fleet.

 Yuri Kirzhner, CTO, Enamine Ltd. comments: “As the company is constantly expanding, so does our gen-set fleet. Being able to supervise all our units allows our technicians to keep the equipment at their fingertips and troubleshoot with ease. Thanks to the InteliLite upgrade and the remote monitoring system, I can safely say that I feel more confident about the security and reliability of our backup power system.”

With this solution, Enamine’s staff can easily monitor and manage their gen-sets from any location at any time using the WebSupervisor mobile app on their devices. This app provides staff with a comprehensive overview of each gen-set’s status, providing all the necessary data to detect any potential issues, simplify maintenance, and optimise the efficiency of fuel and operations costs.

 Products used in this Ukraine project

* InteliLite 4 MRS 16 is an advanced single gen-set controller for prime power applications. Ensuring reliable prime power, the controller effectively monitors, protects, and controls the gen-set and circuit breaker to supply the load.

* CM2-4G-GPS - An easy-to-use and highly efficient solution for connecting gen-set controllers online via 4G network. Enables remote monitoring and tracking of the gen-set’s exact position, helping to optimise its uptime and reduce maintenance costs.

* IL-NT GPRS - Plug-in communication module providing remote connection for a controller via GPRS and GSM communication.

* WebSupervisor is a cloud-based system designed for monitoring, data analysing and management of ComAp and third-party devices. It provides you with an easy overview of all your devices, their operational status, location and other important data, and alerts you in case of potential issues. Using its powerful reporting and analysis tools, you can optimise the revenue for your gen-set fleet, minimise downtime and reduce maintenance costs.

* CM-GPRS - An easy-to-use communication solution to help connect single and paralleling gen-set controllers online via GPRS and GSM communication.

Jun 15, 2024
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