he Middle East Gen-Set Association (MEGSA) has been launched to provide support for manufacturers, buyers, agents and users in a region which is currently enjoying a rapid expansion. Official market research sources suggest that the Middle East Genset market will reach US$1.54bn in value by 2026. This market is expected to register substantial growth (3.7% CAGR) owing to the rising population and inadequate generation of power supply between 2022-2030. The rising number of government offices, shopping complex and industries will enhance the development of the genset market. Additionally, increasing number of chemical and power projects is likely to further expand the growth of the market. Economic diversification backed by upsurge investment of government in infrastructure is likely to boost the growth of the industry and region.

 MEGSA's aim is to improve the business prospects for the power industries operating in 25 countries in the region and across North Africa.

MEGSA aims to:

* Be the voice for the Middle East standby and independent power sector

* Be the only professional trade body for the Middle East Gen-Set and associated products

* Provide regular annual member events for networking opportunities

* A MEGSA logo for display by members

* Be at the forefront of industry knowledge sharing its expertise with the members

* Provide huge digital marketing opportunities

* Provide regular social media updates and interaction

* Promotion of membership at relevant exhibitions

* Provide the latest industry news within the Middle East region

* Provide business opportunities and new contacts through different networking event

* Support the industry in its transition providing members with the opportunity to see the latest standards.

* Provide networking for its membership

* Opportunities to gain recognition and visibility for member companies across the industry in the Middle East

Join now for ONLY £2450 for 1 year or £1950 each x 2 years.

A spokesman for MEGSA commented:

"We look forward to more companies joining the Association. Our mission is to serve our members and the industry by encouraging the sharing of knowledge in the field of the diesel and gas engine power generating sector, Distributed Energy, Power and Energy to advance design, development, manufacture, application, operation and maintenance throughout the entire independent standby power and energy sectors. We will be promoting the interests of the Generating Set industry for International Manufacturers, Suppliers & Distributors, Service Providers, Rental Companies and Power related providers. We are pledged to keep members abreast of the latest industry news within the Middle East sector and be a voice for them by making the most of the various media & marketing networking opportunities which are available."

   Product Categories covered by MEGSA include:

Alternators, Acoustics & Enclosures, Batteries, Biomass, CHP & Cogeneration, Commercial CHP, Condition Monitoring, Controls, Cooling, Decarbonising Heating, Demand Flexibility, Diesel Engines, Distributed Energy, District Heating, Energy Efficiency, Emissions, Energy Solutions, Energy Storage, Energy From Waste, Environment, Fuel Treatment, Fuels, Gas Engines, Gas Turbines, Gen-Sets, Governors, Heat Exchangers, Heat Networks/Pumps, Hire/Rental, Hybrid, Industrial CHP, Load Banks, Marine, Micro CHP, Net Zero, Radiators, Renewables, Rentals, Repair, Servicing, Solutions, Starting, Switchgear, UPS Systems.

¬†MEGSA organisers are: Neb Saric ‚Äď Secretary General ¬†and Richard Teasdale ‚Äď CEO/President

  More information: www.megsa.org

Jan 7, 2023
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