recision Controls Ltd (PCL) has announced a newly-formed subsidiary, PCL USA, in Henderson, Nevada.

 Company Director, Kurlin Wilson, notes: ’’This expansion is an important step for PCL to offer our line of Ex-d hazardous area RPM display and Alarm systems to USA customers. We will now be able to offer the same services and quality systems to customers with the additional options for shipping and delivery convenience and cost savings of not requiring import from PCL in the UK.’’

  PCL has an established 30 years’ experience in the distribution of quality products in the engine/generator control and accessory markets in the UK and Europe including products from such stalwart suppliers as Dynaclo, TDI, Woodward and Basler. This new presence in the United States was the next logical step in ensuring the consistent and efficient service customers around the globe have come to know and expect after three decades in business.

  PCL has brought quality components together for control systems for diesel and gas engines in the Industrial power generation industry. Applications in the industrial engine market include accessory products as magnetic pickup sensors and speed switches (overspeed/crank disconnect switches).

   Microprocessor speed switches are now available for Engine / Generator Set Manufacturers that allow 'base' units held in inventory and to be calibrated easily with a software file for any engine model /generator set in production.

Specially designed EX-d magnetic pickups are supplied in the oil and hazardous area pipeline systems including offshore oil rigs, oilfield pumps and gas compressor stations.  Application engineering for air starters applications in the marine industry along with parts and full service/overhaul support of air starters has been a mainstay of PCL.

System design and drawing services are provided in support of customer special applications or modifications of PCL products. Quotations are provided in accordance with a customer's application outlining the best and most cost-effective solutions considering the option of local delivery in either the US or UK.

  PCL USA utilizes the decades of PCL experience to provide customer application assistance and products in the US markets.  PCL USA can offer customized Ex-d systems like the Dual Turbocharger RPM display and Alarm system which utilizes high quality Dynalco components. The central control system has two remote RPM displays that are conveniently mounted for easy RPM reference by the operating engineer. Customized solutions for hazardous area assemblies are supplied to either ATEX, IECEx, UL or c/UL certification.

Along with the Ex-d systems, PCL USA offers the established range of Goetze valves, including the Goetze 812 Safety Valve as an option for the no longer manufactured Honeywell S245 Safety Valve. Additionally, OEM low cost, high quality magnetic pickup sensors and engine thermocouples can be supplied to customer specifications. All OEM products are offered with quantity pricing and scheduled deliveries to best economically optimize OEM costs and on-time production, reports the company.

Jan 25, 2024
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