opsoe has signed an agreement with World Energy GH2, a ‘net-zero solutions’ provider, to supply Topsoe’s dynamic ammonia loop technology for Canada’s largest, and one of the world’s first-to-market, renewable hydrogen projects - Project Nujio’qonik.

 Based in the Bay St George region of Newfoundland and Labrador, Project Nujio’qonik was launched by World Energy GH2 in spring 2022 with an intended investment of USD $12 billion to produce renewable hydrogen. The project will be capable of supplying 250 000 metric tons of renewable hydrogen per year to global markets at the completion of its renewable hydrogen project, which will use wind energy to power production on the site, which is expected to begin producing hydrogen in 2025. Topsoe’s ammonia loop technology will be used to generate up to 1650 metric tons per day of ammonia.

Producing ammonia at the lowest cost per ton is a challenge many industries face every day. With almost 80 years of experience in ammonia, Topsoe's industry-leading solutions ensure reliable and safe operation with the lowest possible energy consumption and the lowest possible emissions. From new plants to revamps, its expert services can help increase capacity, efficiency or even feedstock flexibility, creating the foundation for optimal day-to-day operation and long-term success, says the company.

The company's SynCOR Ammonia™ plant concept offers the ammonia industry an opportunity to produce ammonia in a smarter, safer and more profitable way – with significantly reduced environmental impact. SynCOR Ammonia™ utilizes stand-alone autothermal reforming for the production of syngas instead of conventional tubular reforming. The technology brings significant benefits in large-scale applications, most notably an extremely low steam-to-carbon ratio of 0.6 and potential for single-train capacities exceeding 6,000 MTPD. This enables ammonia and urea producers to gain unprecedented economy of scale that cannot be achieved with conventional technology, claims Topsoe.

Sep 15, 2023
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