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Grupel will attend two important events in Africa in the coming weeks. The Portuguese manufacturer and seller of gensets and electric engineering projects is set to participate in both the Africa Energy Forum 2023 (Kenya, June 20th to 23rd) and FILDA (Angola,July 18th to 22nd).

With an experience of close to half a century providing energy solutions for numerousapplications, Grupel has been working in Africa for around the last 20 years, having contributedfor the development of telecommunication networks, mining sites, infrastructures, watertreatment facilities, industries or power plants.

Innovation and Product development
Grupel takes the path to sustainability seriously. That is why, in addition to offering customizedand reliable solutions to meet specific energetic needs, the company is currently working on thegeneration of renewable energy, with the development of hybrid systems of low-emissiongenerators with solar panels, wind turbines and BESS battery banks. At the same time, Grupelkeeps investing in the use of cleaner fuels, such as biofuels and natural gas, thus, providingsolutions that are both more economic and aligned with the world’s current targets, challenges,and goals.

Strengthening ties with Africa
Africa's industrialization is rising and the demand for energy is set to grow exponentially in thecontinent, while some countries still experience outages and loadshedding, that cost around 2%of their GDP. Gensets play a fundamental role, as they guarantee a stable supply, allowing alloperations, in any facility, to run smoothly and without loss.
Grupel’s vision for the continent is to act as a key supplier of reliable energy solutions that canhelp sustain and develop essential activities.

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Jun 14, 2023
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